Updated: Jul 27, 2020

There's no better time to get dressed up and have fun with fashion, then the holidays! So pull out those little black dresses or anything that sparkles to closeout 2019 with a bang!

Below is our edit of key statement pieces that will add that extra bit of glamour to elevate your cocktail wardrobe.

The one item we've noticed that's most often missing from our client's wardrobes is a modern version of a cocktail shrug. Invest in a color/style that you can seamlessly incorporate into all your night-out looks, whether it's to keep you cozy in a slinky dress or to elevate a semi-casual dinner outfit with jeans.

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Getting dressed for special occasions can be daunting, especially when the word formal is on the invitation. Be prepared by investing in a few standout well-constructed dresses that give you an electric feel. Go for classic silhouettes with added twists of modern embellishments to up the ante.

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Strutting into a party in an impeccably tailored suit can be just as alluring as wearing a dress. However, finding the perfect match for your body may not be an easy task. Luckily, there're lots of options this season that is in favor of feminine lines – Think outside the box, go for bold colors, and play on prints. Just don't forget that you'll also need a great tailor to

achieve the perfect fit.

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No more box clutches, please, instead think of your bag as a piece of art. These beautiful options are sure to break the ice at any party an extra plus 'if' they fit your phone.

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Dressing for a night on the town doesn’t need to be painful. Swap out your skyscraper stilettos for a pair of embellished kitten heels, which are both feminine and festive.

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She's the ultimate accessory! A forgotten staple in times of minimalism, historically, a bold cocktail ring was a way for a woman to flaunt her independence.

Go BIG or Go HOME flaunt it, ladies!

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They are no longer reserved for school girls! These new hair accessories with rhinestones, pearls, and other intricate designs will add a bit of glamour and are a quick fix for a

bad hair day.

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