Animal Print Madness

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

It's nearly impossible to escape the animal print madness we've been seeing for the past couple seasons–it's reached new heights this Fall! You can't walk into a store or shop online without being bombarded by the many variations of this eye-catching trend.

We too are suckers for this wardrobe staple, but styling it can be a slippery slope and easily look outdated and cheesy if done wrong. Luckily, this season's silhouettes and shades have been modernly updated to exuded an unexpected sense of sophistication. That is if you manage to maneuver through the concrete jungle without becoming victim to a cheetah print viscose blend.

With that being said, we've created a serious of outfits below incorporating our take of this forever staple paired back with investment-worthy pieces that will

easily compliment any wardrobe.

While Shannon's into the more muted animal print tones for day and says anything goes for night, Farnaz says night or day, go hard or go home!


You really can't go wrong with a great animal print coat. If chosen correctly, it can be timeless. This modern take, with more muted color tones, by Forte Forte, is the perfect outerwear piece to throw on over any outfit and will elevate your day look.


Break up the seriousness of a suit or business outfit with an animal print top that will add a fun edge and cool factor to what could otherwise be stale and boring. Again, I'm into more muted animal prints rather than loud and bright for a more professional day time look. These tones are more neutral and can be super stylish when paired with a great colored jacket.


The night time is the right time for more bold animal print pieces.

Keep it sexy with a dash of rock-n-roll and don't be scared to add color to already bright animal prints that are trending hard right now.



Whether you're running errands or have a day off – incorporating a hint of exotic animal prints through a casual t-shirt will not only add a playful edge to your look but also give ya a boost of energy to get through the day.


Since we spend a majority of our days in the office or at work, what you slip into in the mornings is just as important as what you wear on the weekends. I've incorporated an asymmetrical skirt in leopard by pairing it back with a handful of classics for an understated yet cool vibe that'll stir up conversations with your coworkers.


Is it cocktail hour yet? Yes, it is! Now is the perfect time to push the envelope by mixing several prints together for a standout look! Paired with a boyfriend blazer, strappy heels and a mini snake skin crossbody, this lime green slinky slip dress exudes a tomboy sexy flair.


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