Through styling, our goal is to change your perspective on what it means to own a sustainable wardrobe. 


As consummate working professionals within a drastically changing fashion industry, we’ve seen first hand how constant consumption of the latest trends doesn't always translate into an amazing wardrobe that is sustainable. 


We begin with a closet evaluation and outfit curations based on your existing wardrobe to help maximize the use of what you already own. Then through conscious consumption, we will guide you towards navigating the oversaturated market by only purchasing items that add value with a curator's eye for detail, intention, and of course- the extraordinary.


We have built a loyal dedicated clientele who appreciate our personalized approach. The most significant difference between other stylists and us is our point of view on fashion and how we translate it for everyday dressing. Our core styling services focus on helping clients create sustainable wardrobes while elevating and defining their personal style.