The thing we miss the most about working at a boutique is the amazing community we cultivated around fashion. One of those amazing women is our good friend, Yulia, who we met through a luxury boutique called CURVE.

Born and raised in Moscow, now residing in New York City, Yulia works as a fashion consultant to emerging brands. Living in some of the most metropolitan cities in the world has been influential not only on her outlook on life but also fashion and the way she consumes it.

While visiting NYC, we toured her amazing new apartment in Williamsburg. We chatted about which city has influenced her the most, favorite places to grab cocktails, and of course, how she practices sustainability.


Your line of work? Creative Consultant.

Favorite past time? Traveling, pilates, and I'm always up for a backgammon game.

Current tune on repeat? Kanye West –Everything We Need.

How would you describe your style? Classic with an edge.

Three things in your closet that you can’t live without? The perfect blazer, white tee, and light wash mom jeans.

Piece of clothing you get the most use out of year-after-year? Balenciaga leather jacket I got over ten years. It only gets better as it wears out.

Favorite designers and why? Dries Van Noten – he's not about trends, which makes the pieces timeless and forever.

What’s your seasonal approach to shopping? Do you buy into trends? I mostly purchase trendy accessories, like the Bottega boots from the F/W19 collection – although I get tired of the trends rather quickly! What usually ends up happening is that I wear them 2-3 months, then once I start seeing everyone else wearing them, I send it to a reseller. I honestly no longer feel the need or desire to own or collect clothes. However, there are some exceptions, like when seasonal trends become staples, like the Suzanna boots by Chloe, but it does not happen often.

We met you in San Francisco when you had just moved from NYC by way of Moscow and now your back in NYC. Tell us what you do/did differently when getting dressed in each city? Moscow is all about dressing to impress 24/7, while San Francisco is very laid back, and New York is somewhere in between. I mostly wear head-to-toe black in New York (my favorite) then mix in statement accessories. I dress similarly in all of the locations but choose very different footwear: loafers or sneakers for San Francisco and stilettos for Moscow.

What city has influenced your style the most, and why? New York – I love this city for its diversity in everything, including fashion! I get most of my inspiration from the streets. People here are effortlessly stylish.

Whats an ideal day off for you? Trip up to the Hamptons or Upstate and spending time with friends and family. Sometimes it's a self-care day –SLT or pilates class, massage, or even a trip to the bathhouse (don't forget I'm Russian).

Where are you're favorite spots for cocktails in NYC? Electric Lemon in Equinox Hotel, Boom Boom room never gets old, and Sake Bar Decibel.

Do you have any under the radar restaurants you care to share with us? Le Botaniste, Di An Di, and Fleming by Le Bilboquet.

As an industry insider which cities offer the best shopping experiences? Paris is a great place to shop for both emerging and established European designers – plus french vintage stores are to die for! But, New York still has it all, including the highest seasonal discounts.

Your favorite boutiques? Fivestory, Frankie Shop, Totokaelo, and Wadrobe NYC.

You went on an adventure-packed trip to Japan, in the fall! Which shops were on your list to visit?

Tokyo: Dover Street Market Ginza, Harajuku Chicago – a vintage store where you can score great Kimonos, Akomeya, and the six-story Prada store by Herzog & de Meuron.

  • Kyoto: Bal, is a hip four-story boutique with a great curation of designers from all over the world. Omo sells classic kimonos and Sfera is a design store that sells beautiful home decor and objects.

Sustainability is on everybody's radar, what's your opinion on it? As an industry insider, I think there is a long way to go before we can find a solution on how to make fashion sustainable. I would start with conscious consumption.

Do you think about sustainability in regards to your wardrobe? I try to consume less and be mindful of my purchasing decisions by applying the Mary Kondo method – if it sparks joy (and will be used a lot) than I need it in my life! I resell and donate all of the clothes that I no longer use.

What does shopping sustainably mean to you? Consume less, shop locally, support small businesses, and choose timeless pieces. Also, read the garment labels – you have the right to know what you eat. The same goes for knowing what you put on your body.

Can you leave us with a few style tips you've picked up over the years? Invest in key staples: a classic coat, white shirt, perfectly fitted blazer, or even better a suit! Get your accessory game strong.






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