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Updated: Mar 31

This week has been all about us putting a face with the name in hopes of further developing a personal connection with our online followers <3

In keeping with that spirit, and since a lot of you are working from home, we thought we'd give you a glimpse of our workspace and schedule. It's really important to designate a work-space in your house/apartment that can be transformed into your creative sanctuary. Establishing some sort of schedule to stay productive and sane is also necessary. Lastly, make an effort to GET DRESSED! It's easy to stay in sweats all day, but we promise you'll feel more alive and pumped to get through the day.


I started working from home back in March 2019 after starting my own styling business and then eventually collaborating with Farnaz to create SENSEDUO. Being forced to shelter in place has not changed how I operate aside from the fact that I've had to cancel all in-person client appointments – huge bummer :( Initially, working from home was a HUGE adjustment for me...So I can relate to anyone that's struggling with motivation and productivity right now. My best advice is to create a space in your house/apartment that sparks creativity and that is all yours. Also, try to stay on the schedule you'd have if you were still going into work, but fill it with things you always talk about doing if you had more time and do them! I always get dressed for the day. It's a psychological thing for me. If you dress lazy, you're more likely to fall into the temptation of being lazy. "Feel good from the outside in" – it's really a thing! Fashion is in my DNA, as tacky as that sounds, and while I’m working at home, I make sure to indulge my fashion urges. For instance, my Balenciaga Platform Crocs have officially turned into my house shoes! Impulse purchase while working as a buyer in Paris, these monstrosities bring me more joy then I could ever express – and being only 5'2, I feel as if I could reach the heavens in these things! Usually, wear them with loungier pants paired with a cool cropped sweater. If I'm jumping on a zoom call with a client or partner, it's a party on top, accessories and all.

Heres a break down of my workday since the shutdown..

5:30 AM: Make coffee then jump back in bed and check Twitter, NYC Times, Business of Fashion, and Instagram. Sometimes emails, but try to wait. I also, think about working out but usually don't but I do get in a good stretch ;) 7:00 AM: Start waking up my 9-year-old son, Bodhi. Shower and eat breakfast. I always have a big protein breakfast. It usually consists of soft boiled eggs, avocado, tomatoes, and toast. 9:00 AM: Since school is canceled now, on top of work for SENSDUO, I am also homeschooling. YEAH FOR ME! We do Math first to get it over with. 10:00 AM: While Bodhi jumps on ZOOM with his classmates, I check emails, jump on calls, and create content for SENSEDUO. 12:00 PM: Lunchtime and recess. I usually make a quick salad which consists of butter lettuce, red cabbage, sunflower seeds, cucumbers, tomatoes, lemon juice, and olive oil. Around this time, I check in via Facetime with family and friends while Bodhi heads to our backyard for some playtime.

1:00 PM: Depending on the day, I get Bodhi started on a writing or art project. I continue to work...I usually stay off social media throughout the day but now that I've been stuck at home, I have been checking it more frequently. 4:00 PM: Jump on a Zoom call with Farnaz to discuss the next day's schedule, plan of execution, and brainstorm more ideas. 6:00 PM: Start cooking dinner. I LOVE to cook. It's very zen to me. I either put on a record and listen to music or a podcast. A few podcasts I listen to are Business of Fashion, Marc Maron, and How I Built This. Then eat with my family which consists of my man, son, and dog. We either listen to records or watch a documentary together. 9:00 PM: Start to chill. Check the news to get a recap on current events for the day, Twitter, and Instagram. Then read. Currently reading David Sedaris's new book Calypso.


Working from home has become a sort of ritual for me since I've been freelancing for the past 4 years and now running SENSEDUO with Shannon. Since the mandate quarantine, I've canceled all in-person appointments and transitioned into working in front of the computer. Staying motivated and creative while being productive has been a balancing act that I've mastered and feel comfortable doing on a daily bases. I do have to say, one of the biggest challenges of working from home has been stepping away from the virtual vortex of my computer to recharge and create hands-on with physical materials. I often take breaks to paint, create collages, write poetry, read magazines and books. I know it's tempting to just slip into sweatpants and comfy clothes but I urge you to make an effort by stepping inside your closets to style a full look that'll make you feel inspired enough to create, work, and live your best life INSIDE <3 When I need to get some serious work done, I gravitate towards sporty tailored edgy ensembles, if I'm meeting with a client or Shannon via zoom I slip into a pair of heels and dress up! Social distancing has led me to spend more time communicating with my girlfriends via facetime and I constantly URGE THEM TO DRESS UP for our sessions.

Heres a break down of my workday since the shutdown..

7:00 AM: Read 5-10 pages of Marina Abramovic memoir, turn on my Spotify to some Bossa Nova tunes, roll out of bed to stretch my limbs, drink a cup of hot water with lemon, eat a delicious fruit bowel and eggs for breakfast, then smear on some red lipstick and bat my eyes with mascara( NECESSARY)! 

10:00 AM: Jump on Conference Calls + Create Content + Check Emails 

12:00 PM: Make a delicious Salad with a side of protein and end the meal with a cup of fresh Persian tea. I take this time to play with Pishii(my cat), facetime with friends, paint, collage, or go out on my rooftop to soak in some rays and continue reading another chapter of Marina Abramovic memoir.

2:00 PM: Get back on to my computer, catch up on whatever task that was leftover in the morning. Take short breaks in-between to watch short documentaries/interviews of my favorite artist. 

4:00 PM: Change my outfit into something a little more comfortable, stretch, then jump on zoom with Shannon to discuss the next day's schedule, plan of execution, and brainstorm more ideas. 

6:00 PM: Prep dinner with my family, apply a facemask, and end the evening listening to music and conversing over a fresh pot of mint tea. 

Smooth tunes to inspire and get you through these unprecedented times!





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